Selection Process

What is the new selection process?

  • In Nashville, we struck a six-year agreement with the SEC to take on either the ACC or Big Ten (through a unique partnership with the TaxSlayer Bowl) each year.
  • We are now equally positioned with five other Bowl games (Outback, TaxSlayer, Advocare Texas, Belk, and Autozone Liberty) immediately following the College Football Playoff and Capital One Bowl.
  • The SEC office controls selection of SEC schools with input from both the Bowls and Universities within the above-mentioned six Bowl group.
  • Over the course of the next six years, the SEC will play an ACC team three times and a Big Ten team three times in our game.
  • The Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl and TaxSlayer Bowl will jointly determine which Conference (ACC or Big 10) will play in each Bowl on "Selection Sunday." The rotation is not pre-determined giving the Bowls maximum flexibility in creating the best match-ups for their respective SEC opponent.

What does this mean for you, the college football fans?

  • Objective is to optimize the on-field match-ups by getting the right teams in the right city in the right year
  • Fewer repeat match-ups
  • New teams in new cities
  • SEC will provide a team every year in an increased "selection" position
  • Expanded footprint with the addition of the Big Ten as a third conference partner
  • Maximum flexibility in match-up creation through unique conference agreements and partnership with the TaxSlayer Bowl

What did it take to get here?

  • To gain access to this improved selection process, conference payouts increased significantly from $3.675M to $5.5M.  That represents a 50% increase in payouts from the Bowl to the participating conferences.

How are we paying for it?

  • All revenue streams have increased:
  • Tickets through new price levels and increased prices that are comparable with our new peer Bowls
  • All sponsorships have been increased (both major and minor)
  • ESPN’s Television rights
  • Support of the Metro Event Marketing Fund

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