A Winning Strategy: Dan Crockett and Franklin American Mortgage

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Winning Strategy: Dan Crockett and Franklin American Mortgage

By: Joel Kendrick - Sports and Entertainment Nashville

Franklin American Mortgage Company has not always been the mortgage banking powerhouse and active sponsor of Nashville sports that it is today. When Dan Crockett bought the company in 1994, the entity that would become FAMC was barely breaking even.

 Crockett, who has developed the company into one of the largest mortgage banking entities in the nation since purchasing FAMC in 1994, talks about the unglamorous beginning of Franklin American. "It was really almost worse than a startup. Looking back on it, I would have been better off starting from scratch," says Crockett.

 Although Dan considered a number of potentially “safer” career decisions, he felt led to pursue a position with a local mortgage broker’s shop in July 1993. By February 1994, the executives of the parent company decided to sell the shop which had only lost money to that point. They offered to sell it to Dan for the assets, which they did in September of that year.

When asked about his vision for the company, Dan responded, “I wanted it to be big.”

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