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The combined TV audience for the 35 bowls last season was nearly 144 million households.

Average attendance at current Bowls that have been in existence at least seven years was up 1.1% last season.  Bowls that have been around at least ten years increased attendance 8.6% in the past decade and those that have been around at least twenty years have increased 7.9% over that time.  On average these games are more popular today than ever.

Of the 20 current bowls that have been played at least seven years, they sold 101.9% of stadium capacity, averaged 58,193 fans and a 5.49 TV rating.

On average, stadiums were at 86% capacity with 12 of those official sellouts.

Bowls generate nearly $1.3 billion in annual economic impact (excluding exposure).

28 communities hosting 35 bowl games provide stability and commitment one promoter/sponsor could not.

70 teams, or 56% of Division I-A programs will have a chance to be part of the college football post-season bowl experience compared to approximately 20% in other NCAA sports (Div. I-AA football 13%, men's & women's basketball 20%, etc.)