It’s the Halfway Point – Let’s Refresh!

It’s that time of year again! We’re officially past the halfway point of the season (all teams have played at least 6 games), so let’s take a look at our selection process and where things stand now.

As far as the College Football Playoff is concerned, there are plenty of resources available online to break that down. We recommend the official CFP website which can be found here.

After the College Football Playoff-level bowls have their teams solidified, we get to look to look ahead to our game. In summary, we will always have an SEC team in our game that will face an opponent from either the ACC or Big Ten. The TaxSlayer Bowl and Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl will jointly determine which conference (ACC or Big Ten) will play in each bowl against the SEC on Selection Sunday. This year’s selection will take place on Sunday, December 6th in the early evening.

As far as the SEC in our game is concerned, we are equally positioned with five other Bowl games (Outback, TaxSlayer, Advocare Texas, Belk, and Autozone Liberty) immediately following the College Football Playoff-level bowls and the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl. The SEC office controls the selection of SEC schools with input from both the Bowls and Universities within the above-mentioned six Bowl Game group.

For the Southeastern Conference’s opponent in our game, the ACC and Big Ten have different selection processes, so our process here is a little more difficult to explain. This Boston College blog has a great write-up on the selection process for the ACC. The Big Ten has a pretty lengthy document explaining this process on their website.

For the fans, what does this complicated process mean? Well, the hope is that all Bowls will be able to produce enticing on-field match-ups each year, have fewer repeat match-ups, and get new teams in new cities. In addition, in Nashville and Jacksonville, we will have maximum flexibility in match-up creation through our unique conference agreements and our partnership with the TaxSlayer Bowl.

More information on our selection process can be found on our website. Be sure to check out the Prezi we created last year which will help you visualize the selection process in Nashville.

Currently, ESPN is projecting 10 SEC teams will be bowl eligible this year, along with 10 ACC teams and 9 Big Ten teams. Who will be in Nashville this year? Only time will tell.

The 18th Annual Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl kicks off on December 30th at 6 PM CST.

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